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The most efficient way
to keep up with

Indian Stock Market

is a collection of services that includes

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Weekly Report

The weekly Wrap🌯 is designed for active investors with full time jobs, to keep up with the market. It contains weekly summary on market breadth, sector rotation, new special situations, capex announcements, insider trades and so much more.

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Data Tools

Our data tools are designed to help you analyze market data and discover new companies.


You will never need to hunt for information ever again.

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Investing Courses

Learn about special situation investing, industry value chains, valuations, market breadth, and every other skill you need in your investment journey. 

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Private Community

Join the largest investment community dedicated to Special Situation and Event Driven Investing in India.

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Weekly Live Meets

Every week we host live meets with members where we discuss new companies and evolving special situations.

Discover Special Situations

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We keep a track of every single special situation event. From open offers to spin offs, from merger arbitrage to rights issues, from delistings to first presentations and concalls.


Never miss a special situation event again.

All Special Situations

The weekly wraps, data tools and other parts of the wrap subscription are targeted towards special situation investing.

In Just a Few Clicks

Use our data tools or read the weekly report to find all past and new special situations.

Leave the Grunt Work to Us

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Save Time

Reduce time spent on hunting for information on companies, looking for insider trades and relevant corporate announcements.


We save you time by doing all the grunt work at our end, so you don't have to.

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Discover New Companies

Our data tools make it easy to discover all companies in a sector in just a few clicks.


We also manually scan charts every week to identify the strongest ones in the listed universe.

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Never Miss An Update

With TheWrap🌯 you will never miss an update on your favorite companies while also discovering new ones.


From themes to sectors, we have it all covered.

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