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About Us

TheWrap is a weekly newsletter designed for investors seeking to stay well-informed about the dynamic Indian stock market landscape.


Every week, a staggering 7500 corporate filings flood the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), alongside over 1000 insider trades.


Amid this information overload, we diligently sift through the data and market noise to deliver the essential insights you need.


Each issue of TheWrap contains details about


  • Market Breadth: Data backed insights, so you know where we are in the investment cycles

  • List of Strong Stocks: We meticulously examine over 2000 charts every week and present you with a carefully curated list of approximately 400 stocks showing promising uptrends based on technical analysis.

  • Insider Trade Activity: Gain valuable insights into key insider moves from the week, backed by data.

  • Special Situations: Stay updated on emerging special situations in the market with our weekly highlights.

  • Important Corporate Announcements: Never miss a beat with our comprehensive coverage of important exchange filings made throughout the week.

  • Curated Content: Discover high-quality content handpicked from across the web, all within a quick 5-minute read.

  • Data Portal & Analytics: Get access to our data and analytics portal with several unique data tools



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